Inter Computer

Inter Computer Csoport


Systems Integration

Setting up hardware and software in an optimal system in order to enhance performance efficiency.

Sale of Hardware

Buying, selling, renting out and leasing new and used IT equipment.

Hardware Maintenance

Regular, contract-based maintenance of IT equipment, or “on call” repairs.

Software Development

Developing customized applications.

System Management

Regular overseeing of the operation of basic software and applications and harmonizing their functioning.

Data Consolidation and Archiving

Storing data, optimizing data use; secure processing and backup of electronic documents.

Security Management

Setting up, handling and upholding corporate security rules.

Digitized Document Processing and Content Management

Handling, processing and archiving incoming and outgoing paper-based, electronic and verbal communications of an institution.


Consultancy services prior to procurement of IT systems, or in order to ensure their optimal performance.


Customized trainings tailored to the needs of IT staff.


Efficient, reliable operation and support for IT systems. Providing support services, outsourcing experts, taking over and running whole functions in accordance with a service level agreement (SLA).


Providing credit for the procurement of IT equipment, renting out or leasing equipment.